Energy shots for video gamers

best energy drink for gamers

Spending endless hours playing video games can be a whole lot of fun! But it can be mentally and physically draining. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best natural energy shots available. As video gamers ourselves we think we have created the most effective energy shot for playing video games. Our energy shots provide you with the energy and mental focus you need to go to the next level. 

Of course video gamers are not the only ones who benefit from Vita-InnaSurge, our all natural energy shots. These shots are great to take before working out as a pre-workout. Also they are great to take at work when you are  feeling tired and need a little boost. Created by Phoenix Nutrition Inc. Vita-InnaSurge comes in 1 oz. bottles that are very convenient and quick. They come in 6, 12, & 24 packs.